Endangered Canada Warbler (Photo credit: Scott Leslie)
Plymouth Gentian (John Paterson)
Eastern Ribbon Snake: Photo Jeffie McNeil

Nova Scotia is home to some of Canada’s most endangered species, such as the Blanding’s Turtle, Plymouth Gentian, Piping Plover and Boreal Felt Lichen.

Fortunately, we can take action to help save these species by preserving and protecting their habitats. The Nature Trust is making great progress in saving critical habitat for species at risk, and raising awareness about how landowners can get involved in wildlife conservation.

Our Goals

  • Collaborate with conservation partners to advance the science and practice of conservation biology in Nova Scotia
  • Contribute to the identification of priority lands for protection, creation and operation of monitoring programs, and support to Recovery Teams working to regenerate at-risk species
  • Protect priority lands with endangered species and wildlife habitat, in cooperation with landowners
  • Outreach and Education about endangered species, and opportunities to learn how to live with these species on their properties

How You Can Help

  • Get to know the endangered species of Nova Scotia, so you can recognise them when you see them. Visit the Species at Risk website for great photos and biological information.
  • Learn about being a good land steward. Continue to enjoy your property AND provide a great home for an endangered species.
  • Protect your Land so that the needs of endangered species are provided.
  • Become a volunteer Property Guardian
  • Donate to the Nature Trust  and support our work protecting endangered species and spaces.

Thank You to Our Partners

These groups are key in helping us learn more about, and prioritise our work on endangered species:

Thank You to Our Recent Land Donors

  • David and Faye Sobey
  • Paul and Marsha Sobey
  • Gail Freeman
  • Peter Freeman
  • Mary Guptill and Delbé Comeau

Thank You to Our Major Supporters


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