Coastal magic, on- and off-shore

The coastal wetland complexes and islands of Southwest Nova Scotia may not seem welcoming to humans, but they are incredibly important to migrating songbirds and shorebirds, and overwintering waterfowl. This area falls within Kespukwitk, meaning ‘lands’ end’ and one of the seven traditional districts of Mi’kma’ki.

This focus area includes islands critical to offshore seabirds who only require land when they nest. Protection of islands like these is increasingly important in the face of alarming declines in bird populations worldwide. Our Southwest Nova focus area is in a strategic location along the Atlantic Flyway migration route, where many birds can rest and replenish before their long and arduous journeys across the Gulf of Maine.

These coastal areas have many benefits to human well-being as well, including support for Mi’kmaw coastal culture, coastal community access, research, and recreation. They also provide ecosystem services, such as serving as buffers to rougher waters and stormy weather.

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