At the Nature Trust we are protecting Nova Scotia’s natural areas through private land conservation. We have a positive, uplifting, and good news mandate, and are achieving tangible, lasting environmental impacts.

The Board of Directors is the Nature Trust’s legal authority and is responsible for the organization’s effective governance to ensure its sustainable operations and fulfilment of its mission. A Board member acts in a position of trust for the community.  Each board member has a legal, moral, and fiduciary responsibility to participate in the board function so that the board fulfills its responsibilities and discharges its duties.  Board members believe in and are committed to our mission, and act responsibly and prudently as its stewards.

Specific Expectations of Board Members

  • An average time commitment of at least 16 hours/month (includes preparation, committee, and meeting time)
  • A personal annual financial contribution that is meaningful for the individual board member
  • Serving and actively participating on at least one board committee or campaign team
  • Attendance and active participation in Board and committee meetings
  • Attendance and active participation in the annual board retreat / strategic planning weekend
  • Attendance and active participation in key fundraising or donor appreciation events
  • Being aware of and avoiding any real or perceived conflict of interest
  • Fostering a positive and productive working relationship with other Board members, staff, volunteers, and supporters
  • Serve a minimum of a 3-year term

The Board of Directors has an ongoing commitment to diversification and will continue to seek professionals from varying backgrounds and demographics. Although we are not actively recruiting at the moment, over time we will be looking for representation from:

  • Professionals with an interest or experience in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice (DEIJ)
  • Professionals with experience in non-profit governance
  • Professionals with experience in fundraising
  • Professionals with experience in human resources
  • Professionals with experience working with protected areas, land conservation or land trusts
  • Visible minorities
  • Persons who identify as First Nations, Métis, or Inuit

For more information or to apply, please contact Barb Mason (Board Member, HR & Nominating Committee Chair) or Christina Nunn (Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator).


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