In 1994 a group of concerned Nova Scotians could see that our unique natural heritage faced growing threats from development. They shared a vision of preserving the wild spaces and native species of our province.

A unique approach would be needed, however,  as so much land was privately owned.

Across Canada, the government owns almost 90% of all land. In Nova Scotia the situation is reversed. Over 70% of land is in private ownership, including 85% of the coastline. This is the highest rate of private ownership in the country. This meant that working with private landowners would be critical to any provincial conservation effort.

This visionary group created the Nature Trust to meet this need.

"The Brothers" Islands in the Bay of Fundy was the first property the Nature Trust secured in 1995, donated by the late Jack Herbin. Photo: Kas Stone

Today , the work of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust is part of a global land trust movement that has protected millions of acres by working with private landowners, so many of whom support conservation and wanted to learn more about how their land could be protected through a land trust.

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust has since established itself as a leader in the land trust movement in Nova Scotia and Canada. As was the case from the beginning, land donations and financial gifts, together with community volunteerism, continue to be central to the Nature Trust. We are truly community supported.


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