Ever notice how the stress of everyday life falls away when you’re outdoors? Swimming with friends at a local lake, wandering a woodland trail or fishing at a favourite pool?

Our urban wildlands help us rejuvenate and find calm in our busy lives. They keep us active and healthy. And they’re home to the wildlife we adore.  Urban wildlands provide important ecosystem services too, like fresh air, clean water and cooling forests that keep our cities liveable and nature viable and healthy.

We are lucky to have many natural areas close to our urban centres. The Nature Trust’s Purcells Cove Conservation Lands, part of the Halifax backlands, are an incredible urban oasis. The Pennant River Conservation Lands, Troop Island, Rogues Roost and the 100 Wild Islands are other Nature Trust wildland treasures in the Halifax area.

Yet we are losing natural areas in and around our cities every day. And with growing public use of these areas, threats and impacts on our urban wildlands are also growing.  So the Nature Trust is focused on actively saving, stewarding and engaging citizens in urban wildlands conservation.


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