We need nature now more than ever.

Four years ago, we asked “What would you do with Twice the Wild?”  That launched our most ambitious campaign ever: to double the land under our protection across the province.

Since then, we have protected 71 additional properties, from the rugged islands off the coast of Yarmouth to the very edge of Cape Breton.

Today, fewer than 4,000 acres remain until we reach our goal.

To help get across the finish line, our federal and provincial funding partners are offering matching funds that will DOUBLE every Twice the Wild donation made by June 15th.

That means your gift, no matter the amount, will make 2x the impact today! And it means 30,000 acres is within reach!

In these challenging times, people across the world are rediscovering the joy of spending time in nature. That being outdoors makes our kids happy and brings families together. That nature can keep us healthy—mentally and physically. And that it heals and restores us.

But our wild spaces and treasured species are threatened. Here in Nova Scotia, many of our most important and treasured natural areas, including critical habitat for endangered species, are privately owned and at risk.

So the Nature Trust is stepping up to meet this challenge. We will double the protected space for nature by 2025.

The federal government, recognizing the urgency for conservation action, has committed to protect 30% of Canada’s land for nature by 2030. They’ve backed this promise with the single largest investment in nature conservation in Canadian history. Other major funders are also ready to act, and we have inspired them to invest in our bold plan.

This is the moment to protect the Nova Scotia you love. 

Because of the urgency.

Nature has never been more at risk. We are in a race against time with biodiversity loss.

Because it's a way to take action.

This is a meaningful way to make a real difference to protect the planet.

Because nature gives us so much.

Nature has been there when we’ve needed it most – this is a way to make sure it will be there for generations to come.

What does twice the wild look like?

Twice the Wild means more protected acres all across Nova Scotia, including new lands along the beloved St. Mary’s River, the Mabou Highlands, and the spectacular 100 Wild Islands, and urban wildlands like the beautiful Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes. We’re saving critical habitat for wildlife at risk, coastal island sanctuaries for our beloved birds, towering old forests, pristine lakes and rivers, and more. Explore our interactive map!

What will saving the final acres look like? The lands we are working to protect in the next month include:

  • precious habitat for one of North America’s rarest songbirds,
  • pristine white sand beaches on islands that seem a world away,
  • spans of old and rare forest that help keep our water pure and our air clean,


Hope is on the horizon, and with double the funding power in our grasp, we can cross our 30,000 acre finish line. So…

What WILL you do with Twice the Wild?

Explore some of our Twice the Wild achievements:

Thank you to our Major Partners


David and Faye Sobey Foundation

Thank you to our Valued Supporters

Shelley Adamo & Matthias Schmidt
Greg & Suzanne Amos
Andy’s Tire Shop Limited
Ron & Carol Buckley
Michel & Trudy Comeau
Susan E. Crocker, CM & John S. Hunkin, CM
Donner Canadian Foundation
Emera Inc.
Glen Estill
Five Bridges Wilderness Heritage Trust
Dorien Freve
Brian & June Hall
John Himmelman
David & Paula Himmelman
Jol & Maura Hunter
Murrin Lein
S. D. MacLeod
The MapleCross Fund
The Marguerite Hubbard Foundation
Donna McGrath
Sally & Bill Morris
Nature’s Way Canada
Nova Scotia Habitat Conservation Fund (Contributions from Hunters and Trappers)
Tim & Pam O’Regan
Peter Porteous
Gerald Porter
Marlene Puffer & Lucas Middleton
Douglas & Maureen Reid
Jason Roth & Cheryl Steadman-Roth
David & Abby Rumsey
Sabourin Family Foundation
Susan Sherwin & Richmond Campbell
Paul & Marsha Sobey
Dusan Soudek
Darlene Stone
Sunflower Fund
Bob Williams & Glenda MacKinnon

Thank you to our Land Donors

George Eddy Company Ltd
M. William Fenton
Keith & Anne Fraser
Jack MacKillop
Robin Wilber

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