Nova Scotians feel a strong connection to our stunning and diverse coastline. We have played, relaxed, and built our lives around the coast for many generations.

Our rugged rocky shores, highly productive salt marshes, dramatic coastal headlands, and wind-swept sandy beaches support vibrant, living communities. The spectacular mosaic of beaches, cliffs and headlands, wild islands, wetlands and estuaries support a rich diversity of wildlife and an essential migratory corridor for countless birds. Coastal habitats also provide ecological services we all depend on, buffering us from storms, controlling floods, and storing carbon.

Islands throughout the world are known for supporting a vast percentage of global biodiversity, yet they are isolated and fragile ecosystems threatened by a variety of pressures like development and invasive species. intact, undeveloped coastlines have been disappearing for decades. So has public access to our beloved coast. Only 5% of our coast is protected. Nearly 90% of coastal lands and islands are privately owned and facing increasing development, destruction and fragmentation.

The Nature Trust is committed to preserving pristine coastal wilderness and the coastal treasures where Nova Scotians can explore, connect with nature, and enjoy that east coast lifestyle we love.

Hope for the Coast


The formal, permanent protection for coastal and island habitats is only the beginning.

This work is part of a growing collaborative coastal and island conservation initiative, together with the Canadian Wildlife Service, Nova Scotia Environment, the Department of Lands and Forestry, other members of the Kespukwitk Conservation Collaborative, Birds Canada, academic and conservation partners, and local community members. We are working together to advance the prioritization of islands for securement, island research, restoration, monitoring and collaborative island stewardship, as well as advancing community engagement in island conservation and stewardship.


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