An island chain protected for birds and for people

This coastal assemblage lies at the mouth of the Medway Harbour on the South Shore, within the Mahone Bay Islands Natural Landscape. The Nature Trust’s protected lands in this area include the Voglers Cove Conservation Lands on the mainland coastal side, and Great Island, Selig Island, Middle Island, and associated islets to the north that have been protected by the Nature Trust. Toby Island, to the south, is protected by the Nature Conservancy of Canada.  In December 2022, the province of Nova Scotia designated a nearby barrier beach as the Cherry Hill Beach Nature Reserve.

Together, these lands form a large protected area that ensure the long-term ecological integrity of the entire island chain. A key location for birds migrating along the Atlantic Flyway, protecting this area is a critical step in helping to address the rapid decline in global bird populations and impacts of climate change.

The 8 kilometer route around this archipelago makes a beautifully scenic paddling route, in good weather conditions and with the appropriate skill and equipment. To protect the sensitive bird colonies on these islands, please maintain a 300 meter distance from all wildlife. You can read more about how to avoid disturbance to seabirds and waterbirds here.

Paddle from the public access at United Communities Marine Park at the end of Spruce Lane in Voglers Cove. Access to the south end of Great Island depends on wave height and wind along the western coast of the island. Accessing the south coast past the barrier island is not advised unless the sea is very calm.

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