Our Mission

To protect Nova Scotia’s outstanding natural legacy through land conservation.

View our updated 2019-2025 Strategic Plan.

Our Vision

We envision a future in which Nova Scotia’s native species, unique habitats and natural landscapes are protected in perpetuity, and in which this natural legacy is appreciated and actively stewarded.

Beliefs that Guide Our Work

  • Conservation Commitment 
    Nova Scotia’s natural legacy has significant ecological value and must be protected.
  • Connection to Nature
    Protected natural areas are essential to the quality of life of present and future generations of Nova Scotians.
  • Urgency   
    Action is needed to protect important natural areas that are increasingly threatened by development and resource use.
  • Private Land   
    A focus on private lands is critical because they comprise the majority of Nova Scotia and contain irreplaceable sites and features of conservation priority.
  • Landowners 
    Landowners have a key role to play in protecting Nova Scotia’s special places.
  • Service
    Information and support for landowners and conservation-minded Nova Scotians is essential to protecting nature on their lands and in their communities.

Our Approach

  • Conservation Science
    The best available, most up-to-date conservation science informs our work
  • Land Acquisition
    We acquire land through purchase, and acceptance of donations and bequests
  • Conservation Agreements
    We enter into permanent, legal conservation agreements with landowners
  • Stewardship 
    We provide long-term protection and management of conservation lands
  • Co-operation 
    We partner to implement creative conservation solutions
  • Engagement 
    We work at the grass roots level to create opportunities for community engagement
  • Leadership
    We enhance capacity for private land conservation by developing, applying, and sharing forward-thinking policies and programs
  • Education 
    We foster appreciation and understanding of the natural environment and the critical importance of conserving natural areas

Header Photo: Nick Hawkins


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