US citizens can now support the Nature Trust and receive US tax benefits.

Thanks to a partnership with American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts, US donors can make cross-border donations of cash or securities and receive a tax benefit in the US.

If you would like to financially support the Nature Trust via our partnership with American Friends, you can:

  • Donate online using your credit card
  • Donate securities through American Friends to avoid capital gains taxes and receive a charitable donation tax benefit. Please contact American Friends for information.
  • Mail a cheque in US funds and drawn on a US bank to:

American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts
702 Kentucky Street #663
Bellingham, WA 98225

To request that American Friends use your donation to make a grant to Nova Scotia Nature Trust, please fill out the Grant Recommendation Form and send it to American Friends (the language in the recommendation is required by the IRS).

American Friends retain a small portion of each donation for administration as explained in the grant recommendation form.

Donations of Land

If you are a US owner of Nova Scotia property  and you want to donate the land to the Nature Trust, you can do so through American Friends and the Nature Trust.

Please contact Ross Firth, our Director of Conservation. Ross will work with you and American Friends to structure and complete the land donation.


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