Concept of Nature's House

In December 2016 the Nova Scotia Nature Trust purchased our own building in Dartmouth. The move provides organisational stability and decreases annual operating costs significantly.

Our new home also provides an opportunity to reduce our environmental footprint and bring our biodiversity conservation mission into the city.

Like many older homes, the property poses environmental challenges. We plan to convert those problems to environmental benefits by creating “Nature’s House” – a model of sustainable, environmentally-friendly green urban design. We will showcase native biodiversity, water and energy conservation and efficiency, with simple, affordable solutions others can easily replicate.

Front of House Before and After

Back of House Before and After

Nature’s House Goals

  • Wild in the City—enhancing natural biodiversity
    • Non-native, water-hungry gardens replaced with low-water use, low maintenance, native Nova Scotian vegetation
    • Natural habitat created on the property to encourage birds, butterflies, pollinators and other wildlife
    • A link added to Dartmouth’s green corridor between Sullivan’s Pond and the harbour, encompassing the parks and daylighting of the Sawmill River
  • Water quality and water conservation
    • Non-permeable paved surfaces removed
    • Drainage systems, natural landscaping, swales, raingardens, and rain barrels to conserve water, reduce flooding, run-off and moisture damage, and to manage all stormwater onsite
  • Energy conservation and efficiency
    • Enhanced natural light indoors
    • Energy efficient and properly sealed windows and doors
    • Added insulation
    • Increased natural light and air flow
    • Solar and heat pump energy
    • Conversion from high-carbon use energy to low
  • A welcoming space
    • A unique, nature-inspired and nature-inspiring landmark in a transforming downtown neighbourhood
  • Fully-accessible and welcoming community space

Thank you to our major in-kind supporters

Thanks also to everyone who has generously donated time or funding to our Nature’s House campaign and to experts at the Clean Foundation, Dalhousie University and the Ecology Action Centre for their guidance and support.

You can help!

We need friends and supporters to bring Nature’s House to life. We need:

  • Donate to support the Nature’s House project
  • Native plants and supplies for our wild garden
  • Donate outdoor garden and patio furniture and BBQ
  • Volunteer as a Nature’s House gardener
  • Volunteer labour or materials for a new wooden gate

Please contact us for our latest update on in-kind donations or volunteer expertise required. Thank you!


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