Critical habitat for endangered Blanding's Turtles - saved, thanks to you!

Blanding’s Turtles are easy to spot with their dark, high domed shell, bright yellow chin and neck, and great big smile. But things aren’t very jolly for these turtles; in fact, they are at risk of extinction in Nova Scotia and across Canada. With only 1% of hatchlings surviving, a slow reproduction cycle, significant habitat loss and growing threats from cars, these turtles need our help.

Habitat loss is a crucial factor in the decline of turtle numbers — and the large spans of undeveloped shoreline and extensive treed swamp in the area around McGowan Lake in southwestern Nova Scotia are ideal habitat. This area has been a focus for the Nature Trust since 2011, and we have worked to steadily expand this reptile refuge ever since.

Thanks to you, we have just added 184 acres to this rare and vital habitat, with your help.

This conservation success is part of our ongoing Twice the Wild campaign and moves us closer to our target of 30,000 protected acres across Nova Scotia.

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