Become a monthly donor! Become a Conservation Champion!

Monthly donations provide a steady and sustainable source of funds we can depend on. They give the Nature Trust with the ability to strategically plan for the future, and take swift action when important opportunities arise.

The pool of monthly donations we receive each month is like the strong roots supporting and sustaining our forests, providing strength and resilience. By becoming our newest monthly supporter, you will bring that same strength and resilience to land conservation. That is why Nature Trust monthly donors are known as our Conservation Champions!

It’s easy to give monthly. You can do so online with a credit card (just check the box that says “make this a monthly donation”), or print this form and mail it to us with your cheque or credit card details. We will then automatically debit your credit card or bank account each month. You always remain in charge and you can change or stop your donation any time.

Five benefits to monthly giving:

  1. Monthly giving is easy and convenient. Simply sign up once, and you’re set. No filling in forms every year. No need for reminders. Fewer fundraising appeals coming your way in the mail.
  2. Monthly giving is flexible. You can increase, decrease or stop your monthly gift at any time. Simply email us or give us a call. You can choose your payment option, too, automatic debit to your bank account, or credit card, whichever is most convenient for you.
  3. Making your gift monthly also maximizes your impact because you decrease administrative costs for the Nature Trust, so more of your gift goes to on-the-ground conservation action.
  4. You’re that much more green when you give monthly, too, because your paper-free monthly transaction (and fewer fundraising letters sent your way) means you’re saving land—and saving paper, too!
  5. Conservation Champions also feel a special connection to nature from seeing the Nature Trust on their monthly bank or credit card statement, a reminder each month they’re doing their part for nature.


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