Nova Scotia is a birder’s paradise. We have wonderful bird habitats – forests and fens, mudflats and meadows, street corners and shorelines.

Due to our location on the Atlantic Flyway, Nova Scotia provides vital feeding, resting, and breeding sites for many migratory birds.

Understanding and conserving birds is critical in Nova Scotia.  Birds provide many important natural services such as insect pest control, plant pollination and seed dispersal. They are also effective indicators of biological diversity because they respond rapidly to ecosystem changes.

Unfortunately, many bird populations are in global decline, including common species. One of the main threats they face is habitat loss. This can be partially addressed through land and habitat conservation. Many of our protected properties across Nova Scotia provide habitat for rare bird species such as the Bobolink, Piping Plover, and Canada Warbler.

With our focus on conserving critical bird habitat, the Nature Trust works to protect key bird habitats in Nova Scotia. We’re particularly grateful to the Canadian Wildlife Service, Nova Scotia Environment, the Department of Lands and Forestry, Birds Canada and the Nova Scotia Bird Society for their partnership in Bird Conservation.


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