St. Mary's River. Photo: Scott Leslie.

Nova Scotia is home to spectacular rivers, lakes and wetlands, upon which all Nova Scotians depend.

These beautiful and wild landscapes provide refuge to some of Canada’s most unique and endangered species, and support a diversity of critical ecological services from drinking water supply to flood prevention.

Yet these freshwater landscapes face unprecedented impacts. The resultant habitat loss is one of the greatest threats to biodiversity. There is an urgent need to permanently protect important freshwater habitats before it’s too late. We are working to preserve freshwater habitats, by protecting the land through which freshwater flows.


  • Protect and steward the best of Nova Scotia’s freshwater habitats through private land conservation
  • Increase the awareness of land owners with important freshwater habitats and species on their properties about the importance of conservation and good stewardship
  • Increasing public awareness about threats to freshwater habitats and species
  • Providing education and hands-on opportunities for getting involved in conservation and stewardship

How You Can Help

  • You can enjoy your property and protect freshwater landscapes. Find out more about land stewardship
  • Protect your land to ensure healthy watersheds for nature, and for people too
  • Become a volunteer
  • Donate to the Nature Trust, and support our work protecting freshwater ecosystems

Thank You to Our Recent Land Donors

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