We have been working with private landowners along the St. Mary’s River to create a “ribbon of green” since 2006. Securing the protection of critical floodplain and upland forest, islands, beaches, and other wildlife habitat along the river is vital to maintaining the health of the river.

The river also provides crucial habitat for two species at risk: Wood Turtle (globally Endangered, nationally Threatened), and Atlantic Salmon (Nova Scotia Southern Upland population, assessed as Endangered by COSEWIC). As habitat loss negatively impacts these species across their range, we need to do what we can to ensure the St. Mary’s River can remain their home.


Beyond its tremendous ecological values, the St. Mary’s River is also a legendary salmon and trout fishing river. People have explored its waters and forests for centuries. Sections of the river are wonderful for paddling; it is well-known to birders and naturalists; and it is regularly used for field trips, educational activities and university field schools.

However, the St. Mary’s faces increased pressures from many activities which impact the river’s ecological integrity and the species that live in and around it. Local residents and visitors have seen devastating changes over the past few decades. Fortunately, there are many people working to preserve the river’s wild legacy. Our partners in conservation on the river, include the St. Mary’s River Association, Environment and Climate Change Canada, and the Department of Lands and Forestry.


The Nature Trust has protected over 1,300 acres of conservation lands on the St. Mary’s River. We are sincerely thankful to all our supporters, donors, and in-kind partners who have made this project possible.

Special thanks to the generous land donors, who have partnered with the Nature Trust to ensure that their beloved properties are protected, forever:

The late Sandy and Shirley Cameron
Jamie, Murray and Reid Anderson
Dale Archibald
Hardy and Barbara Eshbaugh
Ron Archibald
David and Faye Sobey
Paul and Marsha Sobey

How You Can Help

Join this important work today!

Your donation to the St. Mary’s River Campaign will help protect and steward important natural areas on the river, while the most significant natural features and processes are still intact. With your support, we can ensure that the St. Mary’s River, one of Nova Scotia’s ecological gems, is there for future generations to enjoy.

For your donation of $500 or more, you will receive a free set of St. Mary’s River notecards, featuring the photography of Jeff Amos.

Thank You to Our Major Project Sponsors

Hardy & Barbara Eshbaugh

Marguerite Hubbard Charitable Foundation

David & Faye Sobey Foundation

Frank Sobey


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