Give a Gift of Nature to your friends, family or co-workers and share your love for the wildlife and wild space of Nova Scotia. With a Gift of Nature, you can symbolically adopt an acre of habitat or a threatened species for someone special. Over the past challenging year, people have realized how precious nature is, and your Gift of Nature will help celebrate and protect the nature your friends and family love. Your eco-friendly gift also reduces your carbon footprint and waste, and inspires others to celebrate and help protect Nova Scotia’s natural legacy—as well as offering you a contactless way of shopping for the holidays!

All Gifts of Nature are FULLY ELECTRONIC which means that a LINK to all the elements of your gift (Certificate, Introductory Letter and Tax Receipt) will be automatically sent to you via email, as soon as you complete your donation.

Note that your Gift Certificate will be in the form of a “fillable” PDF so that you can add the name of your gift recipient. See below for the instructions on how to complete, save and print your Certificate.

Thank you for helping us make these gifts as zero-waste as possible!

With each Gift of Nature you will receive:

  • Tax receipt for the FULL value of your gift
  • Official online Adoption Certificate
  • Introductory Letter highlighting the conservation work supported by your gift

If you do not receive an email with the links to your Gift of Nature immediately after completing your donation, please check your “spam” folder and/or contact for assistance.

INSTRUCTIONS for completing your ‘FILLABLE’ Gift Certificate:

  1. Click on the link we send to open the Certificate and Introductory Letter online.
  2. Put your cursor into the section of the Certificate where it says “Add Recipient’s Name”.
  3. Backspace or delete to remove the words “Add Recipient’s Name”, or highlight all the words and hit delete.
  4. Put your cursor back into the section of the Certificate where you removed the “Add Recipient’s Name” text and type the name of the person you want to give this Certificate to as a gift. Alternatively, you can leave this space blank, and handwrite in your gift recipient’s name after printing the Certificate.
  5. Save or Print the documents. 
    • If you Print the documents (both the Certificate and Introductory Letter), you can snail-mail or hand deliver them to your gift recipient. 
    • If you Save the documents (both the Certificate and Introductory Letter) to your computer, you can then email this as a single file to your gift recipient.


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