Our Ambitious Campaign to Double the Lands We Protect for Nature

Twice the Wild was launched in September 2020, the Nature Trust’s bold response to the urgent global call to action in the face of alarming biodiversity loss and the growing climate crisis. Saving land is one of the most important, most tangible ways to save biodiversity, and provides nature-based solutions to climate change and its devastating impacts from wildfires, floods and coastal erosion.

The Nature Trust committed to protecting another 15,000 acres of Nova Scotia’s most important natural areas, as much land as it saved in our first quarter century, in just a few short years. And in June 2024, the Nature Trust announced that our ambitious goal had been reached.

Through Twice the Wild, the Nature Trust saved more than 80 new conservation lands across the province, for a total of more than 30,000 Nature Trust-protected acres. These lands span remote islands in Southwest Nova Scotia harbouring colonies of rare sea birds, the iconic mountain wilderness of the Mabou Highlands and majestic, ecologically-rich St. Mary’s River, to beloved urban wildlands like the Blue Mountain Wilderness Connector and Purcells Cove Backlands.

These new conservation lands protect unique landscapes and ecosystems, safeguard critical homes for wildlife including rare and endangered species, and preserve essential corridors between protected areas.

They are protected for nature, but for people too, providing wonderful areas to hike and paddle, fish and explore nature, and much needed public access to Nova Scotia’s treasured coast. They also sustain the essential services nature provides, from sequestering carbon and preventing floods, to filtering pollution from the air and water.

Unprecedented collaboration for conservation

The campaign’s success was made possible by historic public investment in nature conservation, incredible community support, and unprecedented collaboration.

As of 2024, the Government of Canada has committed to protect 30% of Canada’s land and inland waters by 2030 and has made historic investments in the complementary conservation efforts of land trusts like the Nature Trust through funding programs including the Canada Nature Fund and the Nature Smart Climate Solutions Fund. The Province of Nova Scotia committed to do its part by protecting 20% of Nova Scotia’s land by 2030. They too recognized the critical role of the Nature Trust and other partners, through significant investment in the Nova Scotia Crown Share Land Legacy Trust.

The Sobey family, through the David and Faye Sobey Foundation and Paul and Marsha Sobey, also played an essential role in the campaign’s success, creating excitement and momentum, and catalyzing a wave of generosity and inspiration to protect Nova Scotia’s natural legacy.

The campaign ultimately raised over $5 million dollars in community support from across Nova Scotia and beyond. These community donations leveraged over $20 million dollars in government and other matching funds to save Twice the Wild. 

In addition to the financial collaboration to realize this ambitious goal, the growing collaboration and partnership between all levels of government, land trusts, Mi’kmaw and other conservation partners all working together in unprecedented ways helped to maximize collective impact on nature conservation. The ongoing relationships and collaborative work will be critical to continuing this work far into the future.

The future of Twice the Wild - and beyond

The 30,000 acres now entrusted to the Nature Trust will be well cared for by the Nature Trust team and our rapidly growing network of passionate volunteer Property Guardians. Through regular monitoring and environmental stewardship, the Nature Trust will ensure that the natural values of these lands will be protected, in perpetuity.

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