Nancy Margeson: Nature as the Beneficiary

28 Feb 2019

by Andrew Robinson, Nature Trust Volunteer Writer

As a retired professional fundraiser for the healthcare sector, Nancy Margeson knows a thing or two about the benefits and options available for people who wish to support a favoured cause. So when she chose to make a planned gift to the Nature Trust, she knew exactly how and why this was the right choice for her.

“The needs of healthcare are very different to the Nature Trust,” she said. “Of course, both are very worthwhile causes, but I felt that as a fundraiser in healthcare, we were trying to fix something, or solve a problem. With the Nature Trust, I know that my donations will help to preserve something forever. For me, that’s a big difference, and the reason I chose to make this planned gift to the Nature Trust.”

Like many people of her generation, Nancy grew up with the natural world as her playground. “Dad was a nature lover – fisherman, woodsman, hunter – he lived the land. His passion must have rubbed off on me!”

“Summers were spent swimming and jumping off ever higher structures – we started with the Government Wharf, then moved to the bridge, and then we climbed up onto the steelwork of the bridge. Taylor’s Head was our local beach and for special treats we would head out to Clam Harbour or even Martinique. I don’t know of anyone who couldn’t swim. In winters we skated on the West River or tobogganed down the Steeps – that hill was so much steeper when I was 7,” she laughed.

Life is about memories, and that’s a big part of Nancy’s impetus to support the Nature Trust. “There’s something about preserving childhood memories, saving what we remember from our youth. It just feels so good to be able to protect those memories for everyone else to enjoy forever.”

Nancy came to the Nature Trust soon after her retirement from the fundraising world. “I knew enough to let the professionals do their job,” she said, “So I was looking for a different way to be involved. I joined the Board and served for 3 years. I got to really understand and appreciate the Nature Trust – the simplicity of the organization’s mandate and the quiet efficiency was such a breath of fresh air after healthcare.”

Nancy’s involvement with the Nature Trust includes her time as a Board Member and many volunteer events and activities. She is also a regular at the Annual Dinner. “I’m a firm believer in supporting the big events – the Dinner is a huge benefit to the Nature Trust for publicity and networking, and this is one of the biggest Gala events in a very competitive market,” she said.

When it came to planning her legacy, Nancy chose to take out a life insurance policy with the Nature Trust named as beneficiary. “I don’t have the capital to leave a bequest, but this way I can leave a substantial sum, and the cumulative tax deduction from my yearly premiums will help offset any duties on my estate.”

Her professional fundraising experience also led Nancy to elect to leave her funds unencumbered – meaning she is leaving it up to the Nature Trust to decide how her gift should be used. She explained: “Many people don’t realize that if you direct your donation, those monies can only be used for that one purpose.”

Nancy’s eyes welled up with emotion as she explained her rationale. “It makes me feel so good to be able to do this. If you can do something that affects the whole Province, and feel so good personally, why wouldn’t you do it?”

Find out how you can Create a Legacy to support the Nature Trust, or contact Barbara Haley, Philanthropy Director, for more information.  

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