There are many simple and flexible options for you to leave a legacy gift to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust. We can help you find the right balance for your financial goals and your philanthropic giving with a number of estate planning options.

Planned Gifts can give tax benefits to you or your estate and, at the same time, help the Nature Trust protect irreplaceable habitats for future generations.

Please contact Barbara Haley, our Philanthropy Director to help find the right solution for you.

We advise you speak with a lawyer or estate planner before confirming your legacy to the Nature Trust.

Make a Bequest in Your Will

A gift to us in your will, whether large or small, helps protect irreplaceable habitats for future generations, provides a tax credit for your estate, and creates a lasting natural legacy in your name.

If you have already named the Nature Trust as a beneficiary in your will, please let us know so we can thank you and include you in our Legacy Circle.

Please speak with us if you would like your bequest used for a specific purpose, or if you plan to leave real estate or other specialized property.

Please contact us for sample wording for your will.

Designate a Beneficiary for your RRIF or RRSP

By naming the Nova Scotia Nature Trust as a beneficiary for your RRSP or RRIF, you can reduce tax liability on your estate.

You can name one or more beneficiaries for your RRSP or RRIF and you decide the percentage to benefit each beneficiary.

Ask your RRSP/RRIF administrator for a Multiple Beneficiary Designation form.

Donate a Life Insurance Policy

Donating a life insurance policy to the Nature Trust can provide a significant gift. You can transfer an existing policy or purchase a new policy and name the Nature Trust as owner and beneficiary. Your premium payments are tax deductible in your lifetime, or the policy proceeds will provide tax benefits to your estate, reducing or even eliminating income tax liabilities.

Give a Gift of Stock or Mutual Funds

A gift of stock or mutual funds can yield a wealth of benefits for you and for the Nature Trust.

Donating publicly traded stock directly to the Nature Trust means you do not have to pay tax on any capital gains, thus providing a larger gift to the Nature Trust.

It’s easy to do—simply print and complete this form and send a copy to the Nature Trust and a copy to your broker.


Investing in our endowment funds offers the perfect solution to enable you to create a truly lasting legacy. The capital amount you donate to an endowment fund remains untouched, and only a percentage of the income is withdrawn each year. This means that your gift will continue to provide a steady stream of income to save and steward land, and enable the work of the organization to continue.

Create a Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust can generate an income stream for you or other beneficiaries, with the remainder of the donated assets going to the Nature Trust. Your after-tax income can be substantially increased through tax credits for the future gift of capital.

The charitable remainder trust generates income, allowing you to provide for the Nature Trust while also helping provide lifetime income. This solution can help with retirement, estate planning and tax management.

Give a Gift of Land

Landowners play a crucial role in protecting the natural world.

You can donate your conservation lands to the Nature Trust now or in your will. There are special tax benefits for lands that meet certain ecological criteria. Find out more about the Ecological Gifts Programs here.

The Nature Trust also accepts gifts of real estate to be sold or traded. Funds raised can be used to secure priority conservation properties.

If you plan to donate a property in your will you can make the gift now and retain usage rights as long as you and other named people live. This gives an immediate tax benefit for the donated portion, less the value of the ‘advantage’ you retain for your lifetime.

Before arranging a gift of land in your will, please contact us. We can assess your property to determine the most appropriate program and options for your gift.

Our booklet will help you understand your conservation options.

Purchase a Life Annuity

You can donate a lump-sum gift which the Nature Trust uses to purchase a life annuity. You receive a charitable receipt and guaranteed payments (potentially tax-free) during your life.


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