Sand Beach, A Coastal Treasure

27 Aug 2021

We’re proud to introduce a coastal delight that goes above and beyond its straight-to-the-point name: welcome to Sand Beach.

Just south of Liverpool, between Western Head and White Point, the 154 acre property is a well-established local recreation area popular for nature appreciation, walking, camping and more. It also includes over 700 meters of coastline – including, of course, a sandy beach.

In addition to its recreational value, the coastal property hosts high habitat diversity with a variety of upland forests, coastal dunes, coastal wetlands, freshwater wetlands, and beaches. As a relatively intact assemblage of coastal habitats, it supports multiple Species at Risk and other species of conservation interest.

With more than 85% of the province’s coastal lands now in private ownership and less than 5% of the coast protected, our coastline faces ever-increasing pressures that threaten the natural communities that live there. We are committed to protecting and stewarding the best of our coastal landscapes – and we’re proud that #TwiceTheWild is helping us do just that, even faster than before.

Thanks to an outpouring of public support and matching funds unlocked through the federal government and other conservation partners, we’ve successfully added Sand Beach to our growing natural legacy of protected coastal properties. Read more.

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