Looking across Frederick Lake to the candidate property. Credit: D. Patriquin

This 100 acre near-urban wilderness, just outside of Halifax, includes extensive shoreline on Frederick Lake. The land is surrounded by the Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area, a vast, wild landscape of rugged, rocky barrens, unique forests and lakes, home to endangered mainland moose and rare plants, birds and lichens. Along with its ecological importance, the shoreline property forms part of the well-known and loved scenic vista that can be viewed from the Bluff Wilderness Trail’s Mi’kmaw Hill Loop Lookoff.

Oak Woods on the Frederick Lake property. Credit: D. Patriquin

The risk of development of this ‘inholding’ of private land has long been a concern to the many environmental groups who helped to establish the Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area, and the countless volunteers and organizations who help to steward the Wilderness Area and the spectacular Bluff Wilderness trail.

As part of an 11th-hour opportunity to protect more land through our Lasting Landscapes campaign, the Frederick Lake Conservation Lands were purchased thanks to the generous support of our donors!


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