Keith & Dany MacIntyre: Family Motivated Guardians of the Land

02 Jun 2020

Keith and Dany MacIntyreBy Andrew Robinson, Nature Trust Volunteer Writer

“I think, when my generation or our parents’ generation were growing up, the natural world was often taken for granted,” said Keith MacIntyre, Nature Trust Board Treasurer and recent Guardian of the Land supporter. “I mean, I’ve always loved the natural world. Nature is all around us and is a huge part of making Nova Scotia what it is, but I feel that older generations may have taken the environment for granted. I see the younger people really driving
environmental protection in my workplace and in my own home.”

Keith and his wife Dany, a Science Teacher, have two children, Makeala and Jedidiah. Keith sees Makeala as his inspiration when it comes to the natural world. “She is amazing,” he said, “She has been diving with whale sharks in the Philippines; she’s visited the Arctic, Sri
Lanka; she’s hiked the Himalayas, worked on turtle reserves in Hawaii and Bali – and now she is in Australia. Nature and the environment are her life. I think she really woke me up to the need to do something concrete to protect the unspoiled places we still have.”

Keith and Dany became Guardians of the Land in 2019. Keith explained their rationale: “By providing long term, unrestricted support we know we are helping the Nature Trust in many ways. The organization can operate knowing this support is available to be used in the most beneficial way.”

As a Tax Partner at Grant Thornton, Keith is also able to support the Nature Trust through Corporate giving. Keith explained that Grant Thornton is very community focused, and each year the local office can direct corporate support to a charity of choice. Keith nominated the Nature Trust last year, and he was humbled when there was overwhelming staff support for this nomination.

“I think this speaks volumes,” said Keith. “With so many worthwhile causes, people are seeing that our environment is a priority for protection, because without that, nothing else matters. And in Nova Scotia, where so much of our land is privately held, organizations like the Nature Trust are playing a massive role in the conservation of our
natural heritage.”

“I see businesses and individuals coming together to support the Nature Trust,” Keith said. “We have had major clients fully or partially donate their lands to the Nature Trust; big local companies support the Trust every year. This organization is clearly a leader in land conservation, and their talent pool is impressive.”

Clearly, family is a big motivator for Keith and Dany’s decision to become Guardians of the Land, but this choice is also tied strongly to deeply held personal beliefs. This province is incredibly important to them both. “Well why not?” he asked, “Surely everyone knows Nova Scotia is truly God’s Country!”

If Keith and Dany have inspired you to learn more,  please visit our Guardians of the Land webpage, or contact Barbara Haley, Philanthropy Director.

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