Eman, Caleigh, and Riley: Saving nature at any age!

29 Apr 2021

Our featured donors this month are here to remind us all that you can help save nature no matter how old you are!

Eman (Grade 4), Caleigh (Grade 3), and Riley (Grade 1) all live next door to each other. Inspired to do something to help save nature, they decided to “save turtles from the trash and pollution in the ocean.” With the help of Riley’s mom, Dayle, they set up a booth (formerly a lemonade ‘canteen’) in Riley’s front yard with a sign that said “FUNDRAISER FOR LIFE IN THE OCEAN.” To entice passers-by, they set out a popcorn bowl. They wore masks, to ensure that their fundraiser would be safe and to make sure people would feel comfortable. “And we made them sign a little piece of paper with their name, so we would know who contributed money,” says Caleigh.

“We did a google search together to look for an organization saving turtles, and we wanted it to be local – when we found the Nature Trust it seemed to fit with what the girls were looking for,” explains Kimberley, Caleigh’s mom.

Nova Scotia’s turtles are a big focus for Nature Trust conservation efforts because all species are in trouble. One of the biggest threats they face is habitat loss – and the money raised by Riley, Caleigh, and Eman will help protect the shallow lakes, wooded areas, and wetlands that provide their ideal home.

The kids have big plans for their canteen stand – they’re planning to make “squishies” (soft squishy stress balls) to sell in their front yard. “I have a sewing machine to make them with!” says Caleigh. “And stuffing to stuff them!” exclaims Riley. “And the money is going to go to the Nature Trust, to save more turtles,” adds Eman.

On behalf of the Nature Trust (and of the turtles), thank you for taking action and making a real difference!

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