Andy de Champlain – Bird’s Eye View Volunteer

18 Sep 2018
My passion for birding started about seven years ago. The more species I saw, the more I wanted to see. Gradually I learned how to identify them in the field, not least because I’ve been taking pictures and showing them to friends I’ve made in the NS Bird Society.

But passion for birds evolves into passion for nature, and the desire to help those who would protect it. When I heard about the Bird’s Eye View program, I thought – this is a way I can bird with more purpose. Gathering data gives scientists invaluable information about species trends and can be applied to conservation policy. I’ve been visiting a Nature Trust property that’s not far from the family cottage. It’s a green part of the world few people get to see, with flying squirrels, rare flora, and at least 50 bird species. The other day I saw a two-foot snapping turtle down-bubble into the misty lake.

Walking through the woods provides an element of clarity, of meaning. Why am I here? A Black Throated Blue Warbler lands in front of me on a twig. I’m here because of what is still here. Maybe because of the Nature Trust, it’ll stay here. And as a volunteer, I’ll get a nice bird’s eye view.

Andy de Champlain

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