Expedition for the Earth Team Prepares for Adventure to Ecuador

26 Feb 2018

A team of five adventurers have already signed up to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to Ecuador in September. Through the Nature Trust’s Expedition for the Earth adventure, trek participants will visit one of the most biodiverse regions in the world and help raise critical funds for conservation in Nova Scotia.

The team is made up of diverse participants, including two-time Expedition participant Henry Fuller. Henry was the first person to sign up for the Nature Trust’s third Expedition to Ecuador and is excited to be able to celebrate 20 years as a volunteer on the Nature Trust Board of Directors along with his 72nd birthday! Henry was inspired to join the Expedition for the Earth once again, because this destination has always been on his bucket list and, at the same time, he’s taking advantage of this unique opportunity to help protect special places at home in Nova Scotia. Henry notes, “Travelling to protected places around the world and seeing their diversity is truly inspiring. It makes you appreciate what we have right here in Nova Scotia and how important it is to protect it. The chance to help protect special places in Nova Scotia while visiting a part of the world that has always been on my bucket list is an opportunity I would not miss.”

Mike Lancaster, Stewardship Coordinator for the St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association and Woodens River Watershed Environmental Organization has also signed up. Mike has worked in partnership with the Nature Trust for six years on the stewardship of Troop Island. During this time he saw first-hand the Nature Trust’s commitment to the preservation of Nova Scotia’s most ecologically significant special places. Mike has always been fascinated by the diversity of the Amazon and Andes and has visited Ecuador before – circumnavigating the country by motorcycle in 2014! However, after travelling 4,000 kilometers he felt he had missed out on some of the hiking and exploration opportunities and always knew he wanted to return. Mike is thrilled to join the team and to have the opportunity to visit some of the places he always wanted to see in Ecuador while helping to spread the word about the importance of conservation in Nova Scotia. “When I first heard about the Expedition for the Earth,” Mike says, “I knew I wanted to participate. It was just a matter of when. After discovering that 2018’s Expedition for the Earth was taking place in Ecuador, where I would get to safely explore with the expert guidance of Wally Berg, while raising money for one of my favourite organizations in Nova Scotia– I knew I was all in.”

With a team of five now established the Expedition for the Earth adventure to Ecuador is confirmed and participants are getting ready for their trek in September of 2018. The Nature Trust invites other passionate outdoor enthusiasts to join the adventure and contribute to conserving wild places in Nova Scotia. While there is no deadline to register, those interested are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible to reserve their spot and commence their fundraising efforts.

If you are interested in joining the Expedition for the Earth or finding out more visit expeditionforthearth.ca or contact: expedition@nsnt.ca or 902-425-5263

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