Daphne Carter—Small Change Adds Up!

30 Jul 2018

By Andrew Robinson, Nature Trust Volunteer Writer

Daphne Carter (left), with Nancy Margeson (right) at our 2018 Conservation Showcase.

“Small change makes a big difference!” says Daphne Carter, and that’s why she chooses to donate monthly to Nova Scotia Nature Trust.

“I guess I’m like many people in that I’ve always enjoyed nature, of course, but it wasn’t until I had children that I began to think about the need to protect this natural legacy” she said. “I want to make a difference, to make sure that the wild places we see and enjoy today are preserved for my children, and all future generations to come. For me, monthly giving makes sense for several reasons: it is easier for me to budget; the amount is not a burden on my finances each month, and the Nature Trust can strategically plan, knowing they have the regular income from all the monthly donors combined.”

Daphne words likely ring true for many people. “I know I would find it harder to find room in my budget for a single annual donation. Making a donation every month is easier and more manageable for the average person.”

Daphne also recently signed up for another innovative way to donate, using a ‘round-up’ app on her cell phone. A new Canadian service provider recently hit the market after a successful pitch on Dragon’s Den. Through this app, every purchase Daphne makes using her credit or debit card is ‘rounded up’ to the nearest dollar. Each month, the round-up amount is sent to the Nature Trust.*

“I love this idea,” said Daphne. “This is really the digital equivalent of dropping your spare change into a piggy bank every day – the round-ups are small, but they can add up to real amounts for the Nature Trust each month.”

To find out more about these regular savings options, contact barbara@nsnt.ca

*Examples of Round-Up apps include Mylo and Donate Your Change. Round-Up apps have been available in the US for the last few years but only recently entered the Canadian scene.

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