Refresh your New Year with a resolution to change land conservation

05 Feb 2020

Would you like to see your donations to the Nature Trust make an even greater difference? Why not refresh your New Year and resolve today to join the growing community of our wonderful Monthly Donors. If everyone who generously sends a cheque each year gave this same level of support across 12 equal monthly donations, the Nature Trust would benefit hugely from having a strong and reliable funding stream that can be counted on— allowing for even greater conservation success.

“We would love to see more people make the resolution to become monthly donors,” said Executive Director Bonnie Sutherland. “Monthly donors are hugely important to our sustainability. Their regular donations support our conservation efforts the way strong roots support and sustain our forests, providing strength and a solid foundation upon which we can continue to grow. Monthly support brings strength, resilience and flexibility to the Nature Trust. It lets us be bold, ready to seize opportunities for saving wild spaces when those opportunities arise.”

Nil d’Entremont is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), so he knows a bit about money. He has been a monthly donor since 2012. He said, “I volunteered as Treasurer of the Nature Trust for several years, and I saw how the sporadic nature of grants and donations could challenge the day to day operations of the Trust. For me, making that monthly donation is a way to help smooth out the peaks and troughs of funding, so that the staff can get on with the vital work of land conservation.” Nil continued, “I find monthly giving is so easy and painless. Once the deduction is set up, I can forget about it, and I know I am continuing to support the amazing work done by the team. This is such a professionally run organization that I know my money is being put to good use.”

Barbara Haley, Philanthropy Director, said, “Some of our supporters have mentioned that they planned to support us each year, but then the year slipped by before they had the time to arrange a gift. When people donate annually, we are never quite sure if their gift will arrive each year, so it makes it very difficult to plan for upcoming land acquisitions and projects. Monthly giving removes that uncertainty and allows us to plan strategically.”

Most people really enjoy the benefits of monthly giving. They find it very easy to do—simply sign up once, and you’re set. Your deductions are summarized on one tax receipt to make things simple, and you receive this and a Monthly Donor Appreciation Gift at the end of each year. Monthly giving is flexible—you can increase, decrease or stop your monthly gift at any time just by calling or emailing. Your automatic monthly donations can come from your chequing account or from your credit card. Your paper-free monthly transaction means you’re saving land—and saving paper, too! Resolve to give the gift of strength, resilience and flexibility—become a Monthly Donor today!

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