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*** Breaking News! Troop Island Protected, Forever! ***

Thanks to the overwhelming support we've received, the deal to secure Troop Island was closed today. Congratulations to everyone who has contributed to this campaign - you made this happen! Stay tuned to this page for images and news stories.

Troop Island Protected Forever - full story
Troop Island Photo Gallery
Theodore Tugboat - Honorary Captain of the Troop Island Campaign (Global TV)
Theodore Tugboat photo gallery
CBC Troop Island Story (Sept. 25, 2012)

Saving a Gem in St. Margaret's Bay

St. Margarets Bay Stewardship Association and the Nature Trust have launched an urgent campaign to purchase and protect Troop Island.

With over 85% of Nova Scotia’s coastline in private hands, and increasing pressures on these treasured islands, headlands and beaches, our coastal legacy is at risk. Yet an exciting opportunity exists to protect an important part of that legacy—St. Margaret’s Bay’s beautiful Troop Island.

As those who have visited the island well know, Troop is a truly incredible and ecologically unique place. Wandering inland from the charming sand beach, you enter a new and unexpected world. Lush mossy ground gives way to a cathedral of towering centuries old beech, maple and spruce trees. The island is one of only a few remaining in the entire province providing refuge for Acadian hardwood forest. It also harbours an ecologically rich saltmarsh and pond, rocky intertidal habitats rich in marine life, and coastal forests. Unlike so many of our coastal islands, nature has been left unimpeded on Troop Island, offering a unique outdoor classroom and opportunity to understand and to study coastal dynamics and climate change. It is a place well-known and treasured by the local community, and by boaters, visitors and local ecotourism businesses.

Yet all of this is at risk. The island has been subdivided and the owner has initiated the development permit process. The St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association and the Nova Scotia Nature Trust have teamed up to save the island. We have a time sensitive opportunity (October 5, 2012*) to acquire this threatened island, and to prevent the proposed development. The island, its scenic splendor and ecological richness will be protected, forever, as conservation land.

The future of the island is now up to the community. We have launched an urgent donor appeal for the remaining funds needed to save the island and to ensure its long-term stewardship.

We hope you will choose to be a part of the Troop island legacy.

Campaign Funding


Date Total Funds Raised Remaining Funds Needed
September 14, 2012 $250,000.00 $558,000.00
September 21, 2012 $629,000.00 $191,000.00
September 28, 2012 $702,000.00 $118,000.00
October 4, 2012 $804,026.00 $15,974.00
October 5, 2012 Goal achieved!

*Note: Pledges required by October 5, 2012 to close the purchase, with actual donations required by October 26, 2012.

To Donate

Click the Donate Now button on the top right side of this page, or download the donation form and mail it to:
Nova Scotia Nature Trust
PO Box 2202
Halifax NS B3J 3C4

For more details about this fundraising campaign, see our frequently asked questions, and please contact us:

Ella McQuinn
St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association
(902) 823-1228

Bonnie Sutherland
Nova Scotia Nature Trust
(902) 425-5263

The Troop Island Story

The Troop Island campaign is an initiative that arose through the vision and passion of the St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association. The Association has a mandate of protecting and celebrating the natural and social values of the Bay. In keeping with this mandate the Stewardship Association has developed a strategy of protecting and/or encouraging stewardship of all 30 islands of the bay and working with partners to extend that protection to other parts of the province. Their 5 years of experience stewarding Micou’s Island makes Troop a natural extension to their efforts.

The Stewardship Association needed a land conservation partner, who could help to secure and take ownership of the island, and they found a natural partner in the Nova Scotia Nature Trust. This province-wide land trust has close to 20 years of experience protecting ecologically sensitive land throughout the province. It has protected over 6000 acres of Nova Scotia’s most treasured natural areas, from coastal wilderness and pristine lakeshores and rivers, to habitat for some of Canada’s most endangered species.

The Stewardship Association and the Nature Trust have been working together to develop a strategy to protect Troop Island. We have created a network of supporters, willing to give generously of their time and through financial support. We have also created a joint island stewardship agreement and will work together to ensure the island remains protected and well stewarded, in perpetuity.

After three years of diligent work, we have succeeded in securing an opportunity to purchase the island. Both the province and HRM have already pledged support, as has the Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC Land Acquisition Fund), the Crown Share Land Legacy Trust and several generous individuals.

We have an irreplaceable and time-sensitive opportunity to save one of the most varied and pristine coastal islands in our province, for the benefit of generations to come. If you’d like know more, or to participate, please call Ella McQuinn or Bonnie Sutherland.

Thanks to our major funding partners


Land Aquisition Fund

This project was undertaken with the financial support of

Thanks also to our many generous donors

Barb Allen
Robert Anderson
Jand Anderson Flinn & Marc Hogan Anderson Flinn
Jeff Anning
Lesley Armstrong (Armstrong Textiles)
Aspotogan Heritage Trust
Atlantic News
Florian & Frances Bail
Roger & Thanh Huyen Ballmer
Clarence & Thelma Beckett
Shirley & Dale Blair
Donald & Patricia Bonang
The Boat Shop Ltd.
Carl Boyd
Paul & Judith Brodie
Scott Brookfield & Family
Helen & Kelly Browne
Jane & Roger Bureau
Sandra Burkitt
Fred & Nancy Chipman
Denis Conner
Pam Cooley “In Memory of Donald Cooley”
Henry A. Cooper
Covey Construction
James Crawford
Helen Creighton
Deborah Cross
Catherine Crouse
Ralph J. Curran
Nancy DaDalt & Robson Kysak
E. Douglas Day
Anthony & Patricia Delaney
Richard Denson & Jane Godsell
Peter Doig
Tom Donovan & Elizabeth Beale
Sue & Ben Doucette
Sandra Dumaresq
Tracy Durkee
Lucia Dutton
John Dyess
James, Henry & Chantal Edwards “In Honour of Henry Pelham Edwards”
Sherman Embree
Denny Emory
Valerie Evans
Clark Everett (Quality Investments)
Laddie & Karen Farquhar
Pam Ferro
Chris & Hiya Field
Peter Fillmore
Deborah J. Fleming
Marc & Janet Flinn
Denis & Wendy Flinn
Fred & Elizabeth Fountain
Marjorie Fountain
John Fowke
Paula & Michael Fredericks “In honour of Brandon Makowski”
Peter & Kim Frederck
Ronald Freeman
Joan Gilroy
Allan Godfrey
Marcus Goodick
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David Graham “In Memory of Donald Vye Graham”
Nita Graham
Bill & Kathy Greenwood
Peter & Mary Ellen Gurnham
Rudy Haase
Greg & Liz Hammond
Phyllis Hart
John & Brenda Hartley
Greg & Catherine Haverstock
Verna J. Higgins
Hans & Dani Himmelman
Patricia Holland
Tara Imlay
Barbara Jannasch
Klaus Jensen
Jamie & Stephanie Judge & family
Susan Keddy
Elizabeth Kelley “In Memory of Margaret Dunsworth”
Michael Kendrick & Cathy Constanza
Katherine Kitching
Diana Komejan
Hayden Landry
Mary Lou Landry “In Honour of John & Colleen Landry”
Todd & Sophie Larsen “In Honour of the Residents of Big Tancook Island”
Chris LeBlanc
Kathleen Eleanor Lindsay
Marjorie Lindsay
John Lindsay & Anne Campbell
Alex Liot “In Memory of Kiera”
Bill & Stella Lord
Peter MacNab
Keith & Susan Macrae
Vince & Sheila Maessen
Patricia Manuel
Jean Marsh
Ralph Martin
Eleanor McCain
Martha McCain
Bob & Wendy McDonald
Peter & Sue McGreggor
Matthew McKinnon
Nathaniel & Phoebe McLaren
Alex McLellan
John McQuinn
Dan McQuinn “In Memory of J. Robert McQuinn”
Ella McQuinn
Joan McQuinn “In Honour of Alex McQuinn”
Four Winds Charters Ltd.
Ian Mobbs
Ruth Ann Moger
Carol & Peter Moreira
Petra Mudie
David Nauss
Peter & Dinah Nelson
Ann Newcombe
Beth Newman
Else Marie & Werner Ostermann
Robert & Louise Pace
Barbara Parker
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Mike & Anne Patrick
Robert Pealing
Colette & Bernard Perey “In Memory of Betty Lou Perey and Ted Flinn”
MacNab Peter
Patricia & Olaf Peterson
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Edith & Harold Ritchie
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A.C. Bryan Savege
Shannon Sellers
Hilary & Robert Sircom
Kate Sircom “In Memory of Margaret (Meg) Sircom”
Diane Smaggus
Garth Smedley
Heather Smith
Nancy Smith
Pat & Barry Smith
Sara K. Smith
Julia & Stephen Snobelen
Dusan Soudek
St. Margaret's Bay Regional Development Tourism Association
St. Margaret’s/Glen Margaret Coffee Club
Cindy Staicer & Alan Pinder “ In Memory of Florence Staicer”
David & Barb Stanfield
Roger & Jennifer Stephens
Crane Stookey
Kevin Stover (Sand Dollar Fuels) “In Honour of Jill, Ryan & Emma”
John Swaine
J Reeta Sweeney
Katherine Tait
Wayne & Shirley Taylor
Philip Taylor “In Honour of Ada & Ellie”
Theodore Tugboat/Murphy’s Cable Wharf
Michelle Thomason
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Edward & Maryanna Towle
Bill Troupe
Judith C. Tufts
Tom Vokey (Shining Waters Marina)
Joan Walker
Karolyn Waterson
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Karl & Shelley Webb
Bruce Wells
Katherine Williams
Fredileen & Arthur Williams
Ifan Williams
Don & Carmen Wilson
Lisa Gartrell Yeo “In Memory of Meg Sircom”

Anonymous donations:
“In Memory of Edith Margaret James”
“In Honour of Kat Kitching and Ben Sichel’s marriage”
“In Honour of Yonas de Jong”
“In Memory of Meg”
“In Memory of Stan and Amy”
“In Memory of Bob McKinnon”
“In Honour of Brandon Makowski”

And other generous supporters who wish to remain anonymous



Press release

CBC Troop Island Story (Sept. 25, 2012)