Thank you for helping to save the Sporting Lake old-growth hemlocks. This fall, a dedicated group of caring scientists and volunteers will be working quickly to protect the hemlocks in Sporting Lake from an invasive insect that threatens to destroy some of the most remarkable old-growth hemlocks in the world.

These volunteers will travel four hours by canoe and apply a chemical treatment to the trees to protect them from Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA) infestations.

Your support will have an immediate impact on this project, and will help to inform future efforts to protect other Hemlock across Nova Scotia.

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust is pleased to support this pilot project. Sporting Lake is a provincial Nature Reserve located within the Tobeatic Wilderness Area. Although it is not a Nature Trust conservation land, many of our conservation lands also hold old hemlock stands at risk from this pest.

We look forward to learning from this pilot project so we can apply some of its techniques and findings to the hemlock under our protection.


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