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Row the South Shore Project



He Did It!

Peter has completed his incredible rowing adventure, rowing over 150 nautical miles in his hand-built dory Gioventu and raising over $2000 in pledges. Pledges can still be made at his Canada Helps Giving Page.

See the Row the South Shore Facebook page for Peter's trip photo album where he shares some memories.

Stay tuned for more info about the sale of Gioventu, with proceeds going to the Nature Trust.


Aug. 2, 2013 - Project Update!

On Thursday Aug. 1, Peter departed for his amazing rowing adventure on the south shore. The boat is absolutely beautiful, so be sure to check out our Row the South Shore photo album for up-to-date images, and watch our Facebook page and the Row the South Shore Facebook page for regular updates on his trip.

Before he left, Peter decided to put into words his thoughts and feelings about the importance of land conservation, to help explain why he's undertaken this challenging project and to encourage others to think about how we should all be living in relationship with nature. It's an absolutely inspiring piece of writing, so we thought we'd share it here for you to read:

Peter's note on the importance of land conservation.

If this project inspires you, we encourage you to pledge Peter now!


Peter's Introduction to Row the South Shore

My name is Peter L’Esperance and I grew up in Prospect Bay, Nova Scotia. There, I had the opportunity to spend time on and around the ocean, sailing, rowing, swimming and hiking with my friends and family. This exposure to Nova Scotia’s maritime environment occupied a prominent position in my life and continues to do so today.

Row the South Shore is a project I have undertaken in collaboration with the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and various other individual and community partners. It is designed to generate both awareness and funding for coastal conservation. Proceeds will be donated to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust to help ensure that the natural spaces which I and others enjoy today, remain preserved and accessible for future generations.

Row the South Shore involves building and rowing a traditional dory over 150 nautical miles, from Halifax to the Lahave River and back. Prior to departure, I will be seeking sponsorships to raise funds for the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, an organization which works on a variety of fronts to preserve areas of strategic ecological importance across Nova Scotia.

The dory was built at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic on the Halifax waterfront over a period of nine months, and was launched June 29th, 2013. The rowing passage began August 1st and will be completed over the first two weeks of August, contingent on the weather.

I believe that we all derive important benefits from our unique coastline and natural areas. I also believe that preserving those areas will be an increasingly vital task given the uncertainties surrounding global climate change. Your support in helping Row the South Shore promote conservation will be greatly appreciated; by myself, by the project partners and potentially by future generations of Nova Scotians and visitors to our province.

You can support me and the Nature Trust by donating online.

See images of the row boat's progress and get project updates on the Row the South Shore facebook page.