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Membership 2009

Membership 2009

dancing in the light

"Dancing in the Light" by Alice Reed
Nature Trust Treat Family Conservation Lands, Cape Breton

Dear Friend,

Wilderness has been a lifelong inspiration to me. Whether tracking animals in snowy woodlands or discovering tiny flowers along the shore, I'm always struck by the diversity of other species with whom we share the planet. Like you, I believe that a healthy environment is good for all species, including us.

Yet, as you,ve no doubt witnessed for yourself, Nova Scotia's natural legacy is at risk. With the vast majority of our land in private ownership (over 95% of our coast!) and increasing pressures on these private lands, many of the places you and I know and love are threatened. Fortunately, there is something we can do. The Nova Scotia Nature Trust has the expertise, the track record and the commitment to work together with landowners to protect our most ecologically unique and important natural areas. But the Nature Trust needs your help.

You can take an active role in protecting the places you love, by joining the Nature Trust. Please support the 2009 membership campaign and become a member today.

Like you, I have a vision of tomorrow's Nova Scotia, where woodpeckers and owls find big, old trees in which to nest, and salmon and trout have cool, clear rivers where they'll leap and spawn. Please join me in supporting the Nature Trust--for your future, your great grandchildren's future and the future of all the plants and animals that depend on the wild places of Nova Scotia.

Download a membership form to send in today.

Our Track Record:

-Over 33 conservation sites, including more than 4000 acres of wild land in Nova Scotia
-An active land protection program that permanently secures land, and ensures effective stewardship and
long term care for our protected areas
-A community-based program building awareness and engaging Nova Scotians in hands-on land stewardship

We ask that you become one of our invaluable members. Your tax-deductible membership will have a tangible impact on biodiversity conservation in Nova Scotia.

As a member you receive:

- Our newsletter "Natural Landscapes", (available electronically if preferred), and our "Landlines" e-bulletin
- Invitations to our special events and field days, and up-to-date information on conservation opportunities
- A right to participate in and vote at the Nature Trust's Annual General Meeting
- The satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing directly to the preservation of Nova Scotia's natural heritage

Key conservation projects that your membership will advance:

Coastal Campaign: Alarmingly, over 95% of Nova Scotia's coast is privately owned and less than 5% is formally
protected. With our members' support, we have already preserved eleven coastal properties, totaling over
1,200 acres of pristine shores. Exciting opportunities exist to protect more coastal habitats in 2009.

St. Mary's River Campaig:: We are active in preserving the most ecologically important lands along the St.
Mary's River, including Atlantic salmon habitat, Acadian floodplain and hemlock forests, and critical riparian
habitat for endangered wood turtles. We have four sites protected to date with more opportunities in 2009.

Endangered Species Campaign: Nova Scotia provides refuge for many of Canada's imperiled species. We
have been active in addressing threats and protecting critical habitats for these plants and animals. We have
excellent opportunities to save more habitat in 2009, and your membership can ensure we succeed.

alice reed


Alice Reed, Artist, Honorary Director, Nova Scotia Nature Trust