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Membership 2008

Dear Friend,

The wild lands of Nova Scotia—the province that we all love—are diminishing before our eyes. I am writing to encourage you to join the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, a group that is working hard to preserve the best of Nova Scotia’s natural areas, while we still can.

My wife Claire and I recently donated our own natural oasis, “Farley’s Ark,” to the Nature Trust. We wanted the land that has given us so much over the last 30 years to be preserved, forever, as conservation lands. We do not see our actions as giving away nearly 200 acres of Cape Breton coastline, but rather restoring it to its original and proper owners, “the others” — the non-human species with whom we share the planet.

We put our land in trust with the Nature Trust because we believe in them. They are young, passionate, highly effective, and focused on Nova Scotia’s most urgent conservation challenge. And they are accomplishing tremendous conservation results.

The Nature Trust is catching fire in people’s imaginations. People see the Nature Trust saving what is salvageable, before it is too late. And people are pleased. They’re delighted. More and more Nova Scotians, from every corner of the province and every walk of life, are joining the Nature Trust, supporting its land campaigns, talking about it in their local communities and in the media. More and more landowners are taking action to protect their own land.

Thanks to the generosity of our members, partners and visionary landowners across the province, our conservation lands network now includes 28 sites, protecting over 3800 acres of unique and irreplaceable natural areas. This past year’s highlights include the permanent protection of three spectacular coastal wilderness sites, critical habitats for two endangered species, and a ground-breaking conservation easement on the Wolfville Watershed Nature Preserve, the first of its kind in Canada.

But time is running out. Places you know and love face unprecedented development pressures. Coastal lands are being subdivided and developed. We are losing our traditional access to the shore. The great variety of plants and animals we once saw around us is diminishing. More of us must step forward to help the Nature Trust meet this challenge.

You might ask, “What can I do, if anything?” For me, supporting the Nature Trust is a way I can give something back. A way I can make a difference.You too can play a part in the Nature Trust’s growing land conservation efforts. Joining the Nature Trust is something you can do. Something positive and physical, that is going to make a difference. That will impact something you care about—the natural areas of Nova Scotia.

Please join the Nova Scotia Nature Trust. Help to protect what makes Nova Scotia so special.

Yours truly,

Farley Mowat

Nature Trust Patron and Conservation Land Donor