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Membership 2006

Dear Friend,

My family roots in Nova Scotia give it a very special place in my heart. Its beautiful coastlines, tranquil lakeshores and majestic woodlands are a unique and irreplaceable treasure. Like you, I believe it is essential that we preserve Nova Scotia’s natural legacy, for our children and grandchildren to experience and enjoy, as we have. There is an organization that is making that possible—the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.

Since getting to know the Nature Trust several years ago, I have been impressed by their vision, passion and success. In the face of escalating threats to the 75% of Nova Scotia’s land that is in private ownership, they rise to the challenge of protecting the province’s most outstanding and unique natural areas. Their conservation accomplishments are significant: over 20 priority conservation sites, protected forever, thanks to their hard work, and the generosity of members and friends like you. The Nature Trust is the only Nova Scotian organization focused on the urgent need to protect critical natural areas on private lands. Their innovative education program and strong ties to the arts community are also getting the conservation message out to a broad audience.

The work of the Nature Trust is important to me. I am very proud to call myself a Nature Trust member. I urge you to join me in renewing your support for this critical conservation organization, and to join us in saving the places you love.

My artistic endeavours and conservation efforts have taken me around this precious planet, and the more I see and learn, the more I realize the urgency of land conservation. Like you, I recognize that it is vital that we act now to save Nova Scotia’s unique natural areas, while we still can.

Never before has our natural legacy been more at risk. There was a time when we could take Nova Scotia’s picturesque landscapes and seascapes for granted. Like me, you have no doubt experienced for yourself the loss of a special place. A place you once took for granted as always being there to enjoy—that special woods where you played and explored with childhood friends, the pool where you caught your first wild salmon, the beach where you shared the majesty of the Atlantic Ocean with your own young children, or an undisturbed lake or coastal wilderness where you paddled or sailed quietly at sunrise and listened to the world awaken.

With your support, the Nature Trust is taking action to preserve these treasured places. But we need many more members and greater financial support to protect the best of what we have, before it is too late. The scale of our task is enormous. Nearly 4 million hectares of private land in Nova Scotia, and only about 5,000 hectares protected for conservation. With every passing year, the cost to save land escalates. And with each passing year many opportunities are lost, forever. Habitats destroyed, species lost, and wilderness spoiled. New lots developed, spider webs of road cut through the landscape. Traditional public access to natural areas fenced off and denied. If we have not succeeded in protecting our special places in the next 10 or 20 years, what will remain that is even worth protecting?

While too often we feel like we can’t make a difference on issues we care about, in this case you CAN. People like you are the heart and soul of the Nature Trust. Your membership and support does make a difference.

Please join me in renewing your support for the Nature Trust, and consider making a special donation this year. And don't stop there. I urge you to think about friends, family, or colleagues you can introduce to the Nature Trust by passing along a "Recruit a Member" kit, or giving them a gift membership or honorary donation. A broader membership gives private land conservation an even greater voice and strength across the province, as well as critical funding to save our special places.

Like you, I believe it is our responsibility to ensure that our great-grandchildren will have wild places to roam, and beautiful spaces to inspire them. With your renewed and enhanced support, the Nature Trust can make that happen.

Yours in Conservation,

Robert Bateman
Honorary Life Member and Membership Campaign Patron
Nova Scotia Nature Trust

p.s. The Nature Trust has demonstrated its passion, dedication and ability to succeed in its mission of protecting Nova Scotia’s natural legacy. Our progress is only limited by the support we can garner from members and friends—please be generous.


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