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Nature Trust Conservation Awards 2003

Dr. Eric Cleveland

Recipient, Nova Scotia Nature Trust, Nature Conservation Award 2003

Dr. Eric Cleveland probably mirrors the values of many Nature Trust members when he says, "I enjoy seeing spaces of land protected for other creatures. I feel that's only right." The retired psychiatrist has tirelessly put his resources and energy into putting his values into practice, donating money and land to ensure sensitive areas in Nova Scotia are protected and allowing the Nature Trust to do work that otherwise would not have been possible.

Nature Trust staff and volunteers who know Dr. Cleveland see him as an extremely kind, generous, gentle and warm-hearted person. Says Bonnie Sutherland, "He's an outstanding supporter of the Nature Trust. Without his help we wouldn't have been able to accomplish a number of important land securements. But also, personally, he is such a generous person and a tremendous role-model and inspiration, because he's really living what he believes."

Dr. Eric Cleveland and Frances Cleveland. Sutherland is referring not only to his work with the Nature Trust and other conservation organizations such as the Blomidon Naturalists Society, but also to the fact that he and his wife, Frances, live according to their nature-loving values in absolutely every way they can. Currently, they live in a house that is powered with photovoltaic cells, with a windmill now being built that will provide back-up energy. It is heated with geo-thermal energy and the windows face south to allow more natural light and heat to enter.

Dr. Cleveland's relationship with the Nature Trust started in 1997, when he donated his own land in near Wolfville. After that, he provided the funding for the Trust to buy the Cloud Lake property, which is an area of sensitive land located inside a pocket of protected crown land. Most recently, he has donated a part of the land of our Musquodoboit property, as well putting money towards buying more of it (see the Fall 2003 issue of Natural Landscapes for more information on this property) He was able to recognize the unique value of each of these properties, and knew they ought to be protected in perpetuity.

We are pleased to be able to honour Dr. Cleveland's outstanding contributions to conservation in Nova Scotia with this award.