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Dear Friends of the Nature Trust,

Summer brings the delights of Nova Scotia’s lakes, rivers and beaches. I’m sure that, like me, this is when you most appreciate and enjoy our natural areas. I hope you will join me in turning that appreciation into conservation action, by supporting the Nature Trust this summer. Invest in protecting our remarkable natural legacy.

Have you ever thought about a special place you cherished as a child and wished you could do something to make sure it stays just as it has always been? With the generous support of people like you, the Nature Trust gave my brothers and me just such an opportunity. The wonderful piece of land in Purcell’s Cove that we inherited from our grandfather is now part of a growing network of 47 Nature Trust conservation lands, protected, forever.

The Nature Trust has other exciting land conservation opportunities on the horizon, from spectacular coastal lands on the eastern and south shores, the Bras d’Or Lakes and northern Cape Breton, to important habitats for imperilled wildlife. With your help, we can turn these opportunities into permanently protected conservation lands.

Like you, I believe we all need opportunities to experience natural areas. To picnic, hike, canoe, bird watch, or simply to enjoy time in nature. By supporting the Nature Trust, you can ensure that a network of special places will always be there, all across the province, for us all to enjoy.

With your support, the Nature Trust also provides a wonderful program of hands-on education and exploration. Through this program, people like you and me and our families can experience these protected lands first-hand, and learn about the fascinating and diverse species and habitats they harbour.

Last summer I spent a delightful day visiting Bon Portage island. We not only learned about the groundbreaking conservation partnership between the Nature Trust and Acadia, but we met some of the passionate young students who directly benefit from the preservation of this unique educational site. We also met some fascinating wildlife, including some of the island’s 50,000 pairs of Leach’s storm petrels!

Your support means that people like you and me also have fantastic opportunities to volunteer for nature. It has been so rewarding to put my passion for birds into action by helping to identify important bird habitats for protection as a Bird’s Eye View Program volunteer. You can help even more Nova Scotians, young and old, gain such memorable and meaningful opportunities to give back to the community, and to make a difference for the environment.

The Nature Trust is doing essential work that benefits us all. The natural legacy they are working so hard to protect is the legacy
our children and grandchildren will inherit.

But the Nature Trust depends on the support of people like you and me to make their conservation work possible. Opportunities are being lost, and the cost of protecting and stewarding land continues to grow. Invest in the future, today. Your support can help the Nature Trust make a difference, right now.

Your investment will achieve many exciting results by this time next year:


You can be part of the legacy. Please give generously this summer. Simply send in the donation form with your cheque or Visa number using. Or click to donate right now. Your gift is very important to conservation in Nova Scotia.

I hope you enjoy the natural wonders of Nova Scotia this summer, and take pride in doing your part to protect our unique natural legacy for generations to come.

With thanks and appreciation,

Dr. Chris Field
Nature Trust land donor, volunteer, long-time supporter and friend

P.S. With your help, the Nature Trust can make real, meaningful and immediate progress on protecting the best of our natural areas. Please invest in our natural legacy, today.