Make a Donation in Celebration of a Friend or Loved One

Celebrate a special occasion or milestone, such as an anniversary, wedding or birthday, with a gift to the Nature Trust in honour of a friend or loved one. We offer several options:

  • Give a Gift In Honour Of your recipient by making a donation to be used wherever it is most needed. You will receive the link to a beautiful e-certificate and introductory letter for them. Additionally, you will receive a tax receipt for the full amount of your gift.
  • Give a Gift of Nature. You can adopt a bird, turtle, family of birds or turtles, and acre of forest or coastline in honour of someone, and receive the link to a beautiful e-certificate and introductory letter for them. Additionally, you will receive a tax receipt for the full amount of your “adoption”. Look at the inspiring options on our Gifts of Nature page.

Make a Donation in Memory of Someone Who Has Passed Away

In memoriam or “in memory” donations are a wonderful way to honour or remember someone who has passed away, while making an important difference to land conservation in their name. You can create a lasting natural legacy of protected areas with your donation in memory of someone special. To honour the memory of someone with a memorial donation to the Nature Trust, donate online and check the box indicating this is a gift in memory of someone.

If you choose to provide us with the name and address for a family member of the deceased, we will write to them to let them know about your thoughtful tribute. You can also include a message that will be sent to the family member.

The person in whose memory your gift is made will be honoured on our Tribute Wall below.

Tax receipts are issued for all donations.

Tribute Wall

Donations to build a lasting natural legacy have been made over the past year (as of July 12, 2021-2022) in memory of the following people who loved nature and believed in land conservation. This list will be updated quarterly.

Donations have been received in memory of:

Jim and Marlene Abriel
Eric Alcorn
John W. Arnold
Frederick “Blair” Ashby
Kimberly Edith Rose Barnes
Carol Louise Bartol
Weston Baxter
Thomas & Mamie Bernard
Jacques Berthelet
Gerald B. Boylan
Jason Matthew Bruce
Lillian Burton
Randall Cameron
Silver Donald Cameron
Judy Campbell
Robert (Bob) Chiasson
Alyre Comeau
Charles Cook
Cecily Cordin
Johnny Currie
Margaret C. Dean
Michael Downing
Judith M. English
David Alfred Ewer
Bill Farrell
Joan E. Faulkner
Burris Gerrard & Ethel Connor
Lorna Gillis
Eville and Ada Gorham
Dalton Alfred Iverson Gough
Anna Graham
Henry C. Gray & Gerdaline E. Gray
Rudy Haase
Helen MacArthur Hall
Rick Hancock
Greg Haverstock
Patrick Joseph Henry
Marion & William Hopkins
Carolyn Ann Hunt
Mark Raymond Hunter
Douglas Irvine
Kristine Jagoe
Geoffrey James
Sandy James
Hugh Jones
Ruth Josey
James King (Somananda)
Linda Kuruc
Ruth Langmead
Marc Lavoie
Ronald Lucas
Donald & Theresa MacDermid
Mary Cynthia MacDonald
Janice Lee MacEachern
Kevin MacInnis
Roy MacKinnon
Jim MacLeod
John MacRae
Lena Malay
Carolyn Marshall
Daniel “Danny” Matthews
John Matthews
Blake Maybank
Ella McCarthy
Doris McCormick
Bob McDonald
Ryan McDonnell
Robert Wilfred McKort
Ian McLaren
Raymond Arthur McMillin
Benjamin Mercer
Isabel Moore
Marjorie Mott
Callum Murray
Owen & Josephine Orr
Ann Elizabeth Painter
Maura Parks
Ann Parsons
Frances Paton
Sheri Penner
Caroline Power
Garry Pye
John Ramessar
Hewson Ray
Phoebe Roper
Jean Rosner
Paul Rump
Helen Sampson & Dave Beardsall
Barry & Jeannie Sawyer
John Sexton
Glenn Shea
Emery Richard Smith
Joan Marian Smith
John Duncan Smith & Carol Flett Smith
Clifford Stanworth
E. Harvey Stewart
Rachel Summers
Jim & Doris Sutherland
Sloane Sutherland
Martin Lewis Hall Thomas
George Tsuluhas
Gordon Tufts
Roland Veinot & Everett Nowe
Lisa Walzak
Sherman Williams
Jean Wilson
David Yorston
Ted Young


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