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Dear Friends of the Nature Trust,

Remember your favourite quiet moment this summer? Like many Nova Scotians I enjoyed kayaking the rivers and hiking in the forests so close to home. While we were enjoying the outdoors, the Nova Scotia Nature Trust was working to protect our natural places.

Will you join me in making a gift to protect Nova Scotia’s special places for tomorrow?

Because I know how much such special places mean to you, I want to share some very exciting conservation campaigns that are underway and ask for your help. You can help the Nature Trust take action today to protect Nova Scotia’s special places for tomorrow.

Your support can turn these rare opportunities into conservation legacy!

Make your donation to support land conservation today. Simply return your gift in the postage-paid reply envelope.

Your donation ensures that the Nature Trust can act on these rare and exciting opportunities, before it’s too late. Your generosity will sustain our work identifying and protecting the highest priority conservation lands in Nova Scotia. Your gift supports conservation education and outreach programs, and the important work of stewarding the more than 8500 acres entrusted to our care. It takes landowners, volunteers, local communities, conservation partners and donors to make this work possible.

Like you, I greatly appreciate Nova Scotia’s beautiful natural areas. But, without our help, these natural areas won’t be here forever. We must act now to protect them for us and for the future.
Only 9% of land is protected in Nova Scotia. The majority of remaining land is owned privately and facing increasing pressures. We all need to take action to protect nature, today. Join me by making your gift to fund the land conservation work of the Nature Trust.

Peter Wright
Volunteer President,
Nova Scotia Nature Trust


p.s. Please donate generously.Your can make your tax-deductible donation right now at to preserve our most unique and treasured natural areas, for today and for