Updated: Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

Our thoughts are with each of you, as you deal with the challenges posed by COVID-19. Please stay safe and healthy and look after each other. Community spirit and support are more important than ever.

We are doing all we can to keep our staff, our community and our organization safe and well. We continue to monitor and follow the latest guidance from the public health agencies and all 3 levels of government, and we are adapting our approach accordingly. We ask that you please contact us by phone or on-line rather than visiting the office.

Our work saving Nova Scotia’s wild spaces has not slowed down! We are striving to keep all of our programs and services running, and are grateful for your patience as we have made the transition to remote working arrangements for staff. We have been exploring alternative approaches for carrying out our work such as on-line meetings, training sessions and webinars. We even took our AGM and Conservation Showcase events online. We’re always looking for innovative ways to stay connected and would love to hear from you with creative ideas.

This challenging time has reminded us that nature is a great ally for us all. We encourage you to take this time to appreciate the nature that is all around us – both in your own neighbourhood, and across our beautiful province. We hope you’ve found solace in nature and continue to in the days ahead— these summer days are perfect for getting in some fresh air, sunshine and plenty of vitamin N(ature).

Conservation Lands Access Update: July 2020

Our conservation lands have long been a source of inspiration and enjoyment for Nova Scotians. With the global COVID-19 crisis, and the recent tragedies the Province has faced, more than ever, people need to immerse themselves in the natural environment – our forests and coasts – for relief.

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust continues to play its part during this crisis—both in protecting nature for Nova Scotians, and supporting efforts to keep our communities safe. In light of the recent changes to  public health guidance and direction, we have updated our guidance to Nova Scotian’s wishing to access our Conservation Lands:

Our Conservation Lands are open for you to enjoy, and we welcome you to our properties. Please follow our guidelines to keep you and everyone in the community safe.

Guidelines for Visiting Nature Trust Conservation Lands:

  • Please follow provincial guidance on COVID-19 at all times: https://novascotia.ca/coronavirus/ as well as your local municipal guidance to keep everyone in our community safe
  • Keep your social distance (six feet/two metres minimum), give other visitors all the room they need, and show them you are giving them space
  • Keep your dog well under control
  • Visit only with members of your household or immediate social circle and please follow all group size limits
  • If parking areas are congested, please do not stop. Find an alternative location or come back to the site at a later time
  • Be sure you are not crossing through other private lands unless there is clear guidance allowing you to do so
  • Nature Trust staff and volunteers have only just resumed monitoring and active stewardship work on our lands, so please be extra cautious as we don’t know if there are blown-down trees or other potential hazards. And please let us know if you see things that need attention.

For information about permitted volunteer activities, please read our Info Sheet for Volunteers.

Enjoy and Share!

Please share with us what has inspired you on our conservation lands via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram so that we can share this with others who may not be able to visit them currently.

Nature provides tremendous physical and mental health benefits, and is an irreplaceable source of fresh air, healing, comfort, rejuvenation and joy, particularly during the summer months. We hope you are able to make use of this natural health service, but also give space and time for others to do so too. But please don’t risk increasing potential impacts of the pandemic and extending this time of social distancing by ignoring public health guidance.


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