Our conservation lands have long been a source of inspiration for Nova Scotians. With the global COVID-19 crisis, more than ever, people understandably want to immerse themselves in the natural environment – our forests and coasts – for relief.

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust wants to play its part during these uncertain times, while ensuring that we’re also following the latest guidance and direction of public health officials and government. The situation remains fluid and ever-changing, so we will update this guidance as new information becomes available.  

If you can, please stay at home: the conservation lands will still be there for you to enjoy in the future.

If you do visit one of our conservation lands in the coming days, please follow these guidelines:

  • Please follow provincial guidance on COVID-19 at all times, as well as your local municipal guidance
  • Keep your social distance  (six feet/two metres minimum), give other visitors all the room they need, and show them you are giving them space
  • Choose a property within walking distance in your neighbourhood where you can be certain to maintain social distancing throughout your visit
  • Keep your dog well under control
  • Enjoy a brief visit, for exercise and fresh air, not an extended stay
  • Visit only with members of your household and please follow all group size limits
  • Only visit the property if you know it well and know you can keep your distance from other visitors
  • Be sure you are not crossing through provincial or municipal parks, trails or other private lands, unless there is clear guidance allowing you to do so
  • Share with us any inspiration or observation the conservation lands have provided you via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram so that we can share this with others.

Nature is a tremendous ally for us all during this difficult time. We all wish we could be out enjoying nature and visiting our conservation lands more. But please don’t risk increasing potential impacts of the pandemic and extending this time of social distancing by ignoring public health guidance.

We hope you can find inspiration from nature in your own backyard and local community until travel to our conservation lands is safe for you and for the community once again.

We are looking for ideas to keep our friends and supporters inspired and connected to nature from the safety of their own homes—please share any ideas or suggestions!


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