More Magic in Mabou

31 Jan 2020

Many small brooks tumble down the forested ravines of the Mabou Highlands.

Last summer, we celebrated the long-awaited announcement of the protection of over 2000 acres of coastal wilderness in the Mabou Highlands. Then, last fall, we shared the news that the Nova Scotia Government had added another 3600 acres of protected wilderness immediately adjacent to our conservation lands, atop the highland plateau. Now, we are excited to announce that even more land has been added to this unique protected landscape!

A new 130 acre property protects mature hardwood forests and habitat for birds in the Mabou Highlands region

The new property adds another 130 acres to the protected wilderness. Located immediately adjacent to the provincial Cape Mabou Wilderness Area, the property expands upon the Nature Trust and provincial government’s efforts to protect over 5000 acres of contiguous habitat in the region, effectively contributing landscape level ecological connectivity in the area – a level of connectivity that is rare among our province’s network of protected areas. Like the Wilderness Area it abuts, the property features mature hardwood forests that provide potential habitat for Eastern Wood-Pewee, a provincially and federally listed species at risk.

Our work continues in Mabou, and we look forward to sharing more news of conservation success in the coming year!

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