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Photographs Needed: Help fulfill our 'wishlist' of nature photography

What will our granchildren's Nova Scotia look like? As Nova Scotians, we know that few places on earth can rival our province for its stunning natural beauty and rich environment. We also know that we have less of this beauty to enjoy than our grandparents did. What will our grandchildren's Nova Scotia look like? The Nova Scotia Nature Trust and its supporters hope that it's still a place of quiet forests, untouched coast, and pristine lakeshores. A place where you can still experience the natural splendour that so captivated our ancestors.

If what we've just described is a vision you share, you can help make it a reality. The private landowners of our province are, of course, central to the work of the Nature Trust. They will find in this section of the website, all the information they need to begin the process of ensuring their land is protected forever. Those of us not in a position to protect land through donation land can still make a statement that conservation is important to us by becoming a member of the Nature Trust. Donations, big and small, help the Trust to sustain its operations and to secure vital lands through purchase. Another gift that Nature Trust could not do without is the gift of time. Volunteers are essential to our operations from our volunteer board to our land stewards and coastal plain monitors to our envelope stuffers. Or perhaps you are looking for a unique gift to celebrate a special occasion, such as Nature Trust merchandise.

Photo Credit: Oliver Maass