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Stoney Island (Easement)

60 acres in Eastern Shore
Donated by Paul Gauthier


Coastal forest, coastal barren, cobble beach.


Stoney Island is fringed by exposed bedrock ridges that support a number of native shoreline associated vascular plants, interspersed with small low lying wetland pockets and also sand and cobble beaches. A small coastal barren on the west side of the island features representative Black Crowberry dwarf heathland and also non-native coastal grassland communities known to be important habitats for birds. This area of coastal grassland is a remnant of a larger clearing which extended from the south western shoreline towards the center of the island. It is likely that this area was used for grazing livestock in the past.

Today, the remaining, smaller open area is maintained by deer and vole populations grazing the area, as well through exposure to the open ocean to the southwest. The interior of the island is characterized by a thin soil and organic layer supporting Balsam Fir and White Spruce dominated forest.