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Middle and Outer Islands (Purchase)

26 acres in Eastern Shore
Purchased from Anonymous


Coastal Forests, saltmarsh, cobble beach, coastal barren.


Although small in size and exposed, Middle and Outer Islands have been found to support a diversity of coastal habitats, and combined have more than 3 kilometers of intact shoreline supporting several provincially rare and uncommon plants, as well as a variety of breeding and migratory birds. The many ledges surrounding Middle and Outer Islands provide good roosting and foraging habitat for a diversity of species, including the provincially Endangered Harlequin Duck. The wind exposed headlands on the western shoreline of Middle Island supports a group of rare diminutive stress-tolerators including the extremely rare Greenish Sedge.

The habitats found on Middle and Outer Islands are contiguous across the string of semi attached islands, providing important connectivity for bird species to move between suitable habitats for foraging, breeding and shelter (Rudnick et al. 2012). These habitats include coastal boreal forest (habitat for rare and uncommon boreal bird species), saltmarsh, sand and cobble beach, coastal barren and a wetland corridor.