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Troop Island (Purchase)

Troop Island. 25 acres in St. Margarets Bay
Purchased from a landowner


Coastal island, old forests


St. Margarets Bay Stewardship Association and the Nature Trust worked together to purchase and protect Troop Island.

As those who have visited the island well know, Troop is a truly incredible and unique place. Wandering inland from the charming sand beach, you enter a new and unexpected world. Lush mossy ground gives way to a cathedral of towering centuries old beech, maple and spruce trees. The island is one of only a few remaining in the entire province providing refuge for Acadian hardwood forest. It also harbours an ecologically rich saltmarsh and pond, rocky intertidal habitats rich in marine life, and coastal forests. Unlike so many of our coastal islands, nature has been left unimpeded on Troop Island, offering a unique outdoor classroom and opportunity to understand and to study coastal dynamics and climate change. It is a place well-known and treasured by the local community, and by boaters, visitors and local ecotourism businesses.