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Purgatory Point Conservation Lands (Easement)

112 acres in Blanche, Shelburne Co.
Donated by Bruce Blakemore and Hugh Jones


Coastal shoreline, Important Bird Area


The diverse property is located within the South Shore Roseway - Baccaro Important Bird Area as delineated by Birdlife International. Its 600m of coastline include a cobble beach with intertidal sand flats, and shallow brackish lagoon behind a barrier beach, and both are used as a stopover and feeding location by migratory waterfowl navigating the Atlantic Flyway. The property also contains several bogs and two ponds. The coastal forest on the property is dominated by spruce and fir. Interestingly however, there is a notable component of larger, red maples that help create structural diversity and wildlife habitat. These red maples provide habitat for typical lichen communities, but also for the cyanolichens and a rare species of lichen.

This is an easement on privately owned land. Permission from Nature Trust staff is required to access this property.