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Little Annapolis Conservation Easement (Easement)

129 acres in Milford, Annapolis Co.
Donated by Merloyd Lawrence


Forests, lake shoreline


This landscape produces some of the most productive forest sites in the province and forms portions of the headwaters for both the Mersey and Medway rivers. The Fisher Lake Drumlins Natural Landscape designation is currently under-represented within the existing protected areas network. Little Annapolis Lake is completely enclosed by the conservation easement, and has an impressive undeveloped shoreline, which is rare in Southwest Nova Scotia due to the proliferation of lakefront cottages. The forests of the property are representative of the Acadian Forest Region, and several areas on the property have mature stands of shade tolerant late successional species such as red spruce, red oak, and white pine. The property supports a rich herb layer and common forest birds and mammals.

This is an easement on privately owned land. Permission from Nature Trust staff is required to access this property.