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Napier Family Conservation Lands (Donation)

Napier Family Conservation Lands. 56.69 acres in Purcell's Cove, HRM Co.
Donated by Agnes, Corinne, Mary, Murray & Paul Napier and Ben MacIntosh


Old forest, lakes, barrens, wetlands.


The Napier family donated this beautiful property to the Nature Trust in 2008, and in doing so, more than doubled the protected area of the Purcell's Cove Conservation Lands. Along with the adjacent Captain Arnell Conservation Lands, (protected by the Nature Trust in 2002), the Napier Family Conservation Lands encompass the entire, undeveloped lakeshore of Purcell's Pond, as well as many rugged and diverse natural landscapes that typify this area of Nova Scotia - from bogs and wetlands, to windswept granite barrens.

This is an immensely significant contribution to Nova Scotia's natural legacy, especially considering that it is in an area experiencing rapid development. The Napier family's gift will be a lasting legacy, of benefit to many generations of Nova Scotians.