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Gillfillan Lake Nature Reserve (Purchase)

Gillfillan Lake Nature Reserve. 65 acres in East Quinan, Yarmouth Co.
Purchased from Bradford Muise, Corey Nickerson & Theresa MacKinnon, Renate Klemm


Species at risk habitat, lakeshore


Four properties, including these 3 parcels, protected by the Nature Trust along Gillfillan Lake have lakeshore habitat for the Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora suite of species, including at this site the nationally endangered Plymouth Gentian. Protecting these properties ensures they will not be developed, which is a clear and present threat to these species in this popular cottage region. The protection of these properties contributes to a network of protected lands in the area.

The four parcels at Gillfillan Lake owned by the Nature Trust have had their ownership transferred to the Province (with pending Nature Reserve designation), and will continued to be stewarded by the Nature Trust, including through a conservation easement between the Nature Trust and the Province for these lands.