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Long Cove Conservation Lands (Donation)

Long Cove Conservation Lands. 155 acres in Ragged Harbour, Queen's Co.
Donated by the late Tuck Allen & F. Towne Allen


Coastal habitat, extensive shoreline.


Long Cove features an amazing diversity of undisturbed coastal ecosystems and habitats. The site includes white-sand beach, 4.5 km of shoreline, salt marsh and freshwater bog communities, and overwintering areas for waterfowl.

Before her death in 2006, Tuck showed incredible passion and concern for the land, and her foresight and dedication to seeing it protected continues to be inspirational. We would like to extend sincere thanks to her brother Freeman Towne Allen for working with the Nature Trust to make this conservation vision a reality, through a 'split receipt' donation (part donation, part sale).